There are No Enemies amongst Us.

There are so many people who are trying to make this world a better place. 

I am mainly referring to those on the internet ... and while I respect their zeal for wanting to make this world a better place, I can't help but wonder why they are so eager to make enemies. 

Of course not everyone fits into this category but there are many among those who are trying to change this world who use very harsh words, and thereby, create enemies for themselves.

I tend to be surrounded by vegetarians, so noticing that for vegetarians, those harsh words of criticism are oftentimes directed against mega-corporations producing processed foods, pharmaceutical companies and doctors involved in producing various therapeutic grade drugs, governments and politicians, or against people and countries cited for cruel treatment of animals. 

 Then, if their target range is narrowed, their harsh words may be even lodged against their own co-workers, friends and family - those closest to them.

We all have our various principles and opinions so what we want to say may mushroom into a huge desire to be heard ... 
but their mindset appears quite hostile.

I cannot recall where exactly I came across this statement but probably in some virtual discussion group. 
It went something like this:

"Pretend to already be a resident, living in an ideal world one hopes for. Take actions as though one is already a resident of that ideal world one desires. 

In doing so, one is taking the first step towards making that world a reality. (Realization of one's ideal world) starts with that first step."

It was such words of activism.

The pattern I see most often is people who complain about the government, the public policy, politicians and political parties the government is comprised of. 

Then there are people who complain about immoral acts or those companies selling products of questionable morale. 

Then there are people who complain about people who engage in unethical treatment of animals.

I assume that they complain about injustice because they have a vision of a better, more ideal society. 

It's because they have passion for that vision of what an ideal world looks like that they speak with such zeal.

But can we stop to actually imagine this? 

 That is, would a resident, actually living in such ideal society, bash another they do not agree with terribly harsh words full of judgment?

In a truly peaceful world, we would be all getting along harmoniously. 

Agriculture would be entirely organic. In this world, no one would be using chemical pesticides. It's that ideal world we desire.

Amidst this ideal world, a weirdo turns up. 
 He develops his own chemical pesticides to increase his agricultural output.

At the appearance of such "deviant" person, how would the rest of the residents deal with him and confront him? 

- "Wish he'd just disappear along with the chemicals." 

- "Using (curse word with disgust to vilify him) pesticides for real? " 

- How about we hold a big protest in front of his house? 

- "With legal means, why don't we prosecute and persecute him out of our country? We need to deport him and get rid of him 

- Does anyone know any good lawyer?" 

- "As long as we have a deviant like him, our community can never attain any peace." 

- "Please sign a petition to rid of such use of evil pesticides - it's HIM, he's the culprit!" (pointing to the most unflattering photo of him)

- "Who in their right mind, would develop such chemicals? Why not make him drink the chemicals so he understands the feelings of plants and insects! That's the only way someone like him would ever get it. Seriously!"

Do you think the world with people who speak with such hatred would actually be peaceful? 

You don't think so, right?

I certainly don't think so.

Around me, there are many people who are trying so hard to make this world a better place, and amongst them, there are people who actually engage in (such hostile or questionable) actions in the way I just described. 

So many people do take such actions. (and I am not patronizingly thinking that "they should not".)

Everyone tries so hard to get rid of those things and people who are not in agreement with one's own belief system, accelerating our separation.

Such thinking accelerates our divisiveness.

Such thinking divides and separates (people).

Separating apart is not called evolution since

Evolution is about uniting and consolidating.

It's a process of all merging into one higher state.

Where everyone makes an effort to accept all feelings.

(I believe in evolving to transform this planet to a more peaceful home for all of us. To that end, we need)

"To accept or at least, make an effort to accept all opinions and actions of people placed on this earth."

There should be no exceptions (and bs excuses in recognizing this need.)

"That dude is alright but that guy is not.

That's welcome but this is no way acceptable."

It's that kind of (mindset of) red-lining of what's IN and what's OUT, is done by none other than yourself.

No matter what kind of a human being stands before, we neither reject nor criticize.

Rather than that, figure out why that person is the way he is, and then, think of ways to fix and improve (his way of thinking or the relationship.)

If you feel that you need to intervene and assist, you can help but if you are not inclined to think that, then, I think you don't have to do anything.

Mostly, you need not shoot off harsh words and violent statements to attack (him).

So what do you do when you encounter things or people who do not share your own values?

In my case, I mostly do ... nothing.

In no way would I ever 

demand that someone change their opinion just because I think my way is right; 

OR wish that the other disappear from face of this earth because my value system happens to be in exact polar opposite; 

OR feel exasperated and think, "your ways are so beyond comprehension and just so wrong - it's ridiculous and unfathomable! " I wouldn't express any such words nor would such thoughts even enter my head.

If possible, I may give a subtle round-about advice or rarely, but on occasion, sometimes I may set up things in such a way in hopes that one may come to his own realization.

It would be rare though since if I had that kind of time, I much rather be using the time to be doing what I really want to do.

(I rather be doing something that turns me on.) I rather be doing what I really want to do.

I too want to live in a peaceful world. 
 I want to assist in transforming how people around the world perceive and think about our food. 
 (I want us to realize that such transformation leads to everyone living in a more peaceful world.)

At present for me, that would mean producing and sharing more of my cooking videos and writing for my blog. I really enjoy what I do.

It's more trouble but I started to insert subtitles on my videos so that even English speakers can understand them. 
After struggling with English, I now get messages from audiences abroad.

It touches me deeply when I receive messages like this:

"I decided to try being vegan after seeing your video." For REAL!
(This kind of positive message moves me and makes all the trouble to learn English worthwhile.)

To slap down a petition documenting some 100,000 signatures, "we beg you to stop this abusive treatment of ducks!" to the hard working farmers whose livelihood depend on income from foie gras sales... 

Rather than the petition drive to enforce, I personally enjoy making videos to gradually enlarge the circle of vegans and vegetarians in this world. 

 To me, I much rather get thrills from creating videos to increase the numbers of vegans and vegetarians in this world, which by the way, will reduce the demand for foie gras over time.

In both cases, the end result would be the same in that there will be fewer farmers producing foie gras. 

Yet, isn't there a huge difference between being forced to stop producing foie gras versus quitting to all together on their own will and volition?

Which is a more peaceful method?

Of course, I am not saying you should not have a petition drive nor do I think it's a bad idea to sign a petition. 

 I think those who want to should go ahead and do it.

I am just trying to draw attention to how you might feel different about the act of forcing someone to succumb to your demand through something like a petition drive versus acting according to your passion to realize the world you hope for. 

Which method will contribute to you feeling more ALIVE? (Which method brings about that sense of "conscious living"?)

For me, I choose the latter path and continue to take action down that road. How do you all feel about this?

I have one more thought I'd like to share so kindly stay tuned with me, alright ? (lol)

I believe that every single person on this planet has the freedom to choose.

We are all free to choose every action we take, every word we speak.

Without exception, such freedom is, of course, given to those reading my blog.

You are free 

In every respect.

Whether you endorse nuclear power or choose a job skinning live animals for fur, or kill innocent patients with unnecessary radiation treatment or ... whether you choose to eat animals or plants, 

In every aspect

You are free.

This earth is a precious planet for all of us but for each of us, it may be entirely a different world (reality).

Let's suppose that Guardian Spirit (guardian angel☺) exists.

Essentially we are all free in all aspects, so whatever we do, this Guardian Spirit would have no say, correct?

When trying to do something or in the middle of doing something, would Guardian Spirit barge in with a critique , commenting "that's wrong" or instruct, "don't ever do that" or "that's going to cause a major problem if you do that" - is there a Guardian Spirit who keeps giving such instructions? 

 At least, mine do not provide any instructions. lol

It's because each human being has this gift of innate ability to decide for himself on all matters. 

Perhaps there are times you get this gut feelings, or intuitions but rarely do we get any direct message that instructs "do not do this".

What about in our human secular world then?

We are so desperate to have our own belief system be adopted by others.

It's probably not so simple but the fact that you want to suggest to others better ways or belief system could be that you have undergone further evolution.

When you realize that you have deeper understanding on various aspects than someone else, what should you do?

If we were to use our Guardian Spirit as our role model, we would not be executing commands. 

 We would, of course, not be attacking physically nor would we speak with harsh words or lament that they lack understanding.

I wrote the same earlier but I propose that first we think about why the other person is placed in such circumstances, and then think about how to improve that circumstance he finds himself in. (In other words, why not come from a place of empathy?)

If you feel it is necessary to intervene, then do; but if you feel it is not necessary, than I think it's okay to let it be.

Everyone is given the right to choose at will with freedom so what I am trying to say is this:

From others' perspective, your preaching - your commands and enforcements are only perceived as a nuisance.

I would not call it entirely a lost cause but close to it. I would call it a waste of effort.

Ultimately we grow as a human being through lessons learned from such experience so it's not an effort going to total waste. 

 It's more analogous to selecting a longer path and my point is that there's a more direct, faster route on our path.

I can keep going on and on about this subject so for today, I am done ! lol.

Translation provided by K. Tsuyama (aka: Kay T. Ananda) 


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