March 23, 2015

Vegetarian Pizza [VD#41]



Have you ever made vegan pizza?

I used mochi to add sticky cheesy texture as vegan cheese is not sold in Japan.

Hope you’ll like my recipe;)


Veggie Dishes今週のレシピはベジタリアンピザです☆






for the dough:

300g all purpose flour

10g olive oil

3g dried yeast

50g warm water

120g water

3g salt

3g sugar


for the tomato sauce:

150g whole canned tomatoes

10g olive oil

1 garlic

3g salt


200g potatoes


4 mushrooms

200g tomatoes

2 pieces mochi

10g olive oil

fresh basil leaves




1. Mix all the ingredients of the dough, knead well and let it ferment until it doubles in volume.

2. Blend all the ingredients of the tomato sauce.

3. Roll out the dough and put tomato sauce and vegetables, then bake at 440F / 10minutes.

4. Garnish with fresh basil.