March 15, 2015

Pistachio Ice Cream


Have you ever make your own pistachio ice cream?

It’s gonna taste like heaven. believe me ;)









100g roasted pistachios(unsalted)

300g soy milk

10g coconut oil

100g maple syrup

a hint of salt(If you use salted pistachios, you don’t need this)


1. Mix and blend all the ingredients with high power blender.

2. put the mixture into an ice cream maker until it hardens

3. leave the mixture in a freezer for a couple of hours.



Ingredients link lists:

Eden Foods, Organic Pistachios Lightly Sea Salted

Eden Foods, Organic Unsweetened Soy milk

Garden of Life, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Now Foods, Organic Maple Syrup

Himalania, Fine Pink Salt


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