March 2, 2015

Almond Spinach Ravioli [VD#38]


This week’s video is “Almond spinach ravioli”.

What could it be better than a hot plate of vegan ravioli?

Your guest is going to be impressed with these rich flavored fillings. Have fun!


Veggie Dishesの新しい動画、アーモンドとほうれん草のラビオリの動画を公開しました♪








for the filling:

40g almonds

20g pine nuts

40g mushroom

20g spinach

1 tbsp fresh dill (or your choice of herbs)

1/3 tsp salt


for the dough:

200g semolina pasta flour

20g olive oil

90g water

1/3 tsp salt


for garnish:

olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper and salt



1. Finely chop all the ingredients of the filling, then mash it with food processor or earthenware mortor.

2. Mix all the ingredients of pasta dough, roll out to 1 -2 mm thick.

3. wrap the filling with the dough then shape, boil for 6 – 8 minutes.

4. garnish with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper and salt.